The Go(o)d Part

"It's in a skateboarders nature to do the seemingly impossible and shred every border"

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"I've got some friends, some that I hardly know

But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world

We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go" - Rise Against

Who is this God person anyway?

God is my father. Simple

To be honest I don’t feel like I’m doing as much for God as I should, but he doesn’t feel that way.

Right now I’m struggling allot with myself and that I don’t deserve God’s or Jesus love. And as you probably know love isn’t something you have to deserve, being loved is something you are no matter what you done.

But I always strive to be better for God and to get to know him better.


The bible is a great tool for us to communicate with God. That's one thing I’ve learned over this trip so far. It is easier to connect with God when your not distracted by materialistic things. We have so many things today that distracts us from our self's and God. I sound like an Buddhist monk now but think about it. If you go to India to a Yoga retreat, they will tell you the same.. All religions preaches the same thing. Luke 12:33 “Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys”

“Such is the way of Torah: Bread with salt you shall eat, water in small measure you shall drink, and upon the ground you shall sleep; live a life of deprivation and toil in Torah. If so you do, "fortunate are you, and good is to you"


Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sex and other drugs takes you away from being connected to God and to hear him. I know that sounds boring right? it is a bit. As much as I love God i still get drunk and I do have a cigarette or a cup of coffee and I do put on my computer to distract me for a while.

It sounds like I’m the high priest of Zion when I talk now.. No it’s hard.. it’s not easy at all and I’m not saying that you should sell all your shit and give up everything.. but ease in to it. Try to take more time from God and less in front of the computer or in a bar.

We surround our self's with distractions. with computers and television with drugs and gambling, we do all that to numb our empty life’s. I know because that’s what I’m doing. Life isn’t great if you numb your sense all the time. that’s when all the shit piles up.. and the shit comes from the lifestyle we live so we can numb our self’s.

Try to do it in baby steps. try to acknowledge why you doing all the things you do. what is the deeper purpose of watching TV or getting drunk. Think of that :D

I’m not perfect at all… I do all the wrong things but I’m trying to do less wrong and more right and I’m so much happier without all the shit that distracts me from God.


Jay's Confession




















This is the biggest reason why I'm doing this.

I was born into a Christian/Jewish home and as a boy we went to church. It made sense to me then.


As I grew older I started to doubt and question things while everyone around me gave me bullshit answers to every question I had.

As a teenager I asked the priest once why God hated gays and how could he be so sure that this religion was the right one.


That ended up in the same way as all my other questions. No answer at all..



So no-one could answer my questions and I started to open my eyes to the world. For many years I had only seen the evil things that were done in the name of religion.


A couple of years ago I started to read God's word and listen to what he had to say about it. Well it's always better to go straight to the source. And what I found was love. Not hatred, wars and doom for the people that didn't believe but love. There are things in the bible that I still don't agree with but most of it makes sense now. Laws about gay people back in the days, was logical for the time I guess, but now? No, love is the most beautiful thing we have and whoever you may love I just hope that he or she treats you with respect and dignity.


This trip is about for me to learn more about God and his ways. I'll post my prayers and write about my spiritual journey.


Some people won't like it, but hey.. don't read it then. Or do, maybe you need to hear it.


In any case God bless you and I will pray for you as well because we're Crossboarders and we will not fail.









On Easter day 2015 I gave myself to Jesus and got baptised. It’s funny because since I did that everything just goes my way. And I started to laugh at all my years of resistance against Jesus.


It’s hands down the best thing I have done in my life.

I told this guy what I’ve done and he said “I don’t get how anyone can believe in that nonsense” and I said “I don’t get how people don’t”.. you see if I’m wrong (and I’m not) but if I’m wrong the worst thing that happens to me is NOTHING.. If an Atheist is wrong well he won’t join me (but I hope that God forgives humanity because they don’t know any better).


So why is people so hateful against Jesus?? People point out war and destruction and everything thats wrong with religion.. but no one is addressing Jesus directly if they’re not mocking him or slag him off. But if Jesus isn't real why don't you spend 5 minutes and pray.. Pray to Jesus and say “if you’re real, come in to my life”.. you only have 5 minutes to loose. Don’t make a mockery out of it because If you do that you will not notice when he comes to sit right besides you.


I know it sounds messed up but i can promise that Jesus is real.. and if he’s not.. then atleast i got to be a better person for it.

And there is not a single word that can describe the feeling you get when you’re following Jesus.


So I’ve been thinking all my life.. How come this is the right religion out of all of them? Well i guess that Jesus is the answer.


I was praying one night to God and Jesus and I said “I will not be able to do this trip by myself, no chance that I’m strong enough mentally or physically to do this”.. the same night i got the famous text from Iain..


I was praying for the right sponsors and got them the same day.


I was praying for food when i was walking in Germany and around the next corner comes a plum tree with 10 ripe plums and it wasn’t season for them.


I have so many stories like that and if you say thats coincidences all of them certainly appears after i ask for them.


I’m so excited for all the things God will do for us during this trip.


I will update this page as soon as i got time for it. don’t forget to be grateful..

Check this out.. for all of us with a million questions and no answers.. here they are