"It's in a skateboarders nature to do the seemingly impossible and shred every border" 


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"I've got some friends, some that I hardly know

But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world

We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go" - Rise Against

So We came across North Best Co and their wheels after some researching on the intraweb. 

And when you are skating around the world (that sounds major.. but it is majorer) you will need the best of the best. not only because you want a smooth issue free ride but also something that doesn't wears out after 100km..

you also want something from a small guy because you just now that the small company will care more and put in more effort in their product.

This is a company that delivers wheels far better than we expected.

We are so proud to work with these guys.. Only the best is good enough.. Check them out.. they are awesome. We will gladly recommend their wheels to any one.. You see we would never use any other brand. and we are skating around this globe.

Urskog (primeval forest) is a Swedish based company that are taking over the longboard world inch by inch. With their awesome design and their knack for quality Urskog was a dream company to work with.

Their skateboards are awesome. Handmade, numbered and signed by the guy doing your longboard, if your not super confident in your quality you wouldn't do that.

As a small Stockholm based company we are honored to work with these guys.

Because we will test our decks to the limit under some pretty extreme conditions, we could only go for the best.

That's why we quickly decided to hunt Urskog down and ask them to sponsor us. Quality is everything. Without Urskog's products we could never do what we're set out to do.

And they are so good looking to (the boards not the guys)...

So we choose Urskog for their quality and we think you should too.

Let's Talk about the BRCK. This is the coolest thing we've ever heard of. The BRCK Lets us use the internet basically anywhere in the world.

The BRCK was developed in Nairobi, Kenya with the purpose to help people get online where electricity and the internet are scarce.

We love the idea. This is not only usable for us while we travel the world this is usable for anyone anywhere.

This is so cool we don't even know where to start.

Fuel TV is our Favorite TV channel. We don't really watch that much TV but when we do it's Fuel we put on. You see we love action sports and Fuel TV Covers it all.

Jay was just writing to them one day and asked if they wanted to do an interview with CROSSboarders and Fuel thought "Right this is cool, let's work with theese guys".

So far they've helped out so much and for us at CROSSboarders we could never have asked for a better Media Partner.

So tune in to Fuel TV and see what we're up to.

Walletking.co.uk is an awesome site where you can buy high quality wallets in real leather for awsome prices. Wallet king started in 2009 and became fast a favourite among the people.. How? Simply because they deliver awesomeness to every customer. Go on have a look at their products and I promise you that you will find something to fall inlove with. First time I was at their site I wanted everything.

Juice Plus+ has changed so many lifes.

I have to say that after I´ve tried it myself that the level of energy that you get from it is unbelievable.

Juice plus+ only uses fruit and vegetables in their products, picked when they are ripe and ready, not like the average fruits and veggies that you buy in your local supermarket.

This is not an revolutionary product, it's just fruits and vegetables that are not tempered with. I have seen this product change lifes for people that believes them self's that they are beyond all help. They never been motivated to do anything in their lifes, but after a couple of weeks on juice plus+ they are truly changed people with more energy and they get a new view on life, a better view on life.

If you decides to go to Stockholm one day you would notice that it is pretty expensive. Well it is.. in the touristy parts. And to be fair all touristy places are.. If you are anything like us you also wonder where the locals eat and go.

And I can tell you that they will go to Bönan & Prinsen in Stockholm.

Now Bönan & Prinsen is not like all the rest. It has an increddible charm and prices everyone can afford.

Everything is homemade and made with love.

The food.. oohh the food is amazing, I know because this is where I go several times a week when I'm back home. You get good á la carte food for less than £10.

We love this place and we love Lotta & Björn that runs the place. When you get there your not another customer, your a Guest in their living room. could you ask for anything more than that?